second-level course

Enrollment for second-level studies at the >Artes Liberales< Academy has been suspended in the 2011/2012 academic year.

Every student of the two-year second-level course at the »Artes Liberales« Academy (AAL) completes a fully individual program of study, which should be directly related to the research project from the student’s application, under the supervision of a tutor. As students of a specific course at their home university, students are obligated to obtain credits for classes mandatory in that course, whereas within the »Artes Liberales« Academy and in consultation with their tutor, they have the right to choose from among disciplines and subjects included in the courses offered by all eight confederated universities. Developing their own program of study requires students to show maturity and huge discipline.

Furthermore, the Academy’s students can take advantage of special seminars, workshops, conferences, class modules and lectures from the humanities in a broad sense, in which they may take part in accordance with their interests. The special experience in which the interdisciplinary character of the »Artes Liberales« Academy manifests itself are the “sessions”: two or three specialization sessions and one main session per year. These are meetings of the Academy’s students organized by the different universities in turn, devoted to specific issues considered from the point of view of different academic disciplines. As a summary of each session, students write an essay on one of the themes covered during a given meeting. Over the course of one year, students are obligated to obtain a credit for one specialization session, which lasts 2-3 days, and for the main session usually lasting a week.

Completing a year

The second-level course at the AAL begins in mid-February and involves a point system; points are awarded for classes for which a student receives graded credits. The second-level course at the »Artes Liberales« Academy encompasses 400 class hours (200 AAL points) that the students complete in three semesters by taking part in classes at another university and AAL sessions. To complete a year at the Academy, students also have to complete consecutive stages of their research project under their tutor’s supervision.

Distibution of points

Lp.   Number of points
1. "sesja" główna AAL - AAL main session - participation + post-session essay 30
2. "sesja" specjalizacyjna AAL AAL specialization session - participation + post-session essay 15
3. taking part in a conference, symposium, workshop (per event attended) do up to 15 (depending on the individual decision of the AAL Council)
4. taking part in classes at another university + mandatory grade 15 (per each 30 hours)
5. yearly paper for the AAL do 12 up to 12 (depending on the grade

Final exam and »Artes Liberales« Academy degree certificate
Upon completing the two-year program at the »Artes Liberales« Academy, students sit an oral exam covering material specified by the »Artes Liberales« Academy Council. Apart from the student’s two tutors, the exam board comprises a member of the AAL Council and an expert invited by the Council.
Upon passing the exam, the graduate of the two-year second-level studies at the »Artes Liberales« Academy receives a degree certificate signed by the rectors of all the universities confederated in the »Artes Liberales« Academy and listing all classes attended and credited.