May 2021 (Warsaw)
The Dialogical Self
December 2019 (Warsaw)
Intellectual History in the Context of Literary Studies: Traditions and Prospects PROGRAM
November 2018 (Warsaw)
Truth and Falsehood in Science and the Arts (Warsaw University) PROGRAM
November 2018 (Warsaw)
Truth and Falsehood in Science and the Arts - Jubilee Session of Interdisciplinary PhD Studies at the »Artes Liberales« Academy (MPISD AAL)
June 2018 (Poznań)
Virginity Cultures (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań) program
October 2017 (Warsaw)
Biohumanities (University of Warsaw) - program
December 2016 (Warsaw)
Another Finitude: An Alternative Philosophy of the Finite Life Based on the Example of Late Derrida (University of Warsaw) - program
January 2016 and March 2016 (Warsaw)
Relocations: The History of Polish Modern and Post-Modern Literature (University of Warsaw)
April 2015 (Warsaw)
Emotions in Culture (University of Warsaw) - program
March 2014 (Warsaw)
People in the Face of Crisis (University of Warsaw) - program
March 2013 (Warsaw)
Culturally Processed Food. Culinary Issues from a Humanities Perspectiv (University of Warsaw) - program
January 2013 (Warsaw)
University Teachers: Ethos and Method (University of Warsaw) - program
March 2012 (Warsaw)
Doubting, Doubt ... – A Transdisciplinary Approach (University of Warsaw) - program
January 2012 (Warsaw)
Stereotypes from the Perspective of the Humanities and Social Sciences (University of Warsaw) - program
March, 21-26, 2011r., Warsaw
Responsibility: An Interdisciplinary Perspective, organizer MPISD AAL - program
January, 17-18, 2011 r., Warsaw
Text and Interpretation in the Humanities, organizer MPISD AAL- program
March 1-4, 2010, Warsaw,
The Humanities Today, AAL Jubilee Session with the participation of MPISD AAL students - program
December 3-4 2009, Warsaw,
Narration in the Humanities and Social Sciences, organizer MPISD AAL; MSH EW - program
April 2-4, 2009, Warsaw
Language - Media - Culture, organizer MPISD AAL - program