October 2017 (Warsaw)
Biohumanities (University of Warsaw) - program
December 2016 (Warsaw)
Another Finitude: An Alternative Philosophy of the Finite Life Based on the Example of Late Derrida (University of Warsaw) - program
January 2016 and March 2016 (Warsaw)
Relocations: The History of Polish Modern and Post-Modern Literature (University of Warsaw)

Part I - program

Part II - program

April 2015 (Warsaw)
Emotions in Culture (University of Warsaw) - program
March 2014 (Warsaw)
People in the Face of Crisis (University of Warsaw) - program
March 2013 (Warsaw)
Culturally Processed Food. Culinary Issues from a Humanities Perspectiv (University of Warsaw) - program
January 2013 (Warsaw)
University Teachers: Ethos and Method (University of Warsaw) - program
March 2012 (Warsaw)
Doubting, Doubt ... – A Transdisciplinary Approach (University of Warsaw) - program
January 2012 (Warsaw)
Stereotypes from the Perspective of the Humanities and Social Sciences (University of Warsaw) - program
March, 21-26, 2011r., Warsaw
Responsibility: An Interdisciplinary Perspective, organizer MPISD AAL - program
January, 17-18, 2011 r., Warsaw
Text and Interpretation in the Humanities, organizer MPISD AAL- program
March 1-4, 2010, Warsaw,
The Humanities Today, AAL Jubilee Session with the participation of MPISD AAL students - program
December 3-4 2009, Warsaw,
Narration in the Humanities and Social Sciences, organizer MPISD AAL; MSH EW - program
April 2-4, 2009, Warsaw
Language - Media - Culture, organizer MPISD AAL - program