Humanistyka dzisiaj

The Humanities Today
and the Idea of Interdisciplinary Studies

Edited by Barbara Bokus

With the present volume, we wish to celebrate two jubilees of great importance to the academic community:

  • the jubilee of the 65th birthday of Professor Jerzy Axer
    (born April 18, 1946),
  • the jubilee of the "Artes Liberales" Academy (AAL), which has just begun its second decade.
  • With the texts featured in this book, the authors who represent the universities making up the "Artes Liberales" Academy as a Universitas Universitatum, wish to express their appreciation to Professor Jerzy Axer not only for his inspiring ideas and for building new and innovative programs of interdisciplinary education, but for the way he keeps reminding us and making us realize what uniwersity autonomy is. To quote Professor Axer, "if we want autonomy to be socially trustworthy, we have to make the effort of renewing the university's internal space, so that interpersonal relations, and the master-pupil relationship in particular, are based on the old Roman formula of contract ex bona fide, a contract based on trust" (from the Introduction by Barbara Bokus)

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    Warszawa 2011
    Wydawnictwo Matrix
    ISBN 978-83-932514-7-1
    Stron: 320